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Best Books for SAT Preparation

Want to study abroad for your Bachelor’s degree ?

You came to the right place!We bring to you the best books for SAT Preparation so that you can ace the SAT. 

Your SAT Score is one of the most important part in your profile.Only having a really good SAT score guarantees you acceptance into many colleges and Scholarships in many.

The SAT was written by all 3 writers of the blog so we give to you our hand on experience.All of us improved our scores by 250+ marks after studying from these books.

The new SAT Comprises of 3 main parts : Critical Reading,Writing(Grammar) , and Mathematics.

We bring to you the must have books in these categories.

Critical Reading :

The best book for critical reading practice as well as tricks has to be Erica Meltzer’s The Critical Reader

  • Helpful strategies for all kinds of questions.
  • Passages similar to the ones found on the SAT.

  • A bit pricey for covering up only one section of the SAT.

Another good option would be Barrons Reading Workbook

This book is for those people who would like to practice with tougher questions .

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Grammar :

The most detailed and most popular book for SAT Grammar is

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar by Erica Meltzer.

Erica’s fantastic at distilling all of grammar into what you need to know for the SAT. You won’t learn arcane grammar concepts that aren’t tested. For the rules that are tested, she presents them clearly and covers the foundation if you’ve forgotten the grammar rule from school.
The practice questions included are realistic and are like the ones in the actual SAT paper.Enough question ,tips and tricks to help u ace the SAT Writing section.

This book contains a Volume 2 which contains more practice questions so that you become more confident with your grammar skills.


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Mathematics :

Math in the SAT is considered to be really easy and a marks scoring section especially for those who took Math courses in high school.The SAT Math only contains a set type of questions,only the words and values change,the method remains the same.To ace the SAT Math the best book we found out was :

28 New SAT Math Lessons by Warner Steve


An alternative to this book would be Dr John Chung’s SAT Math

It has questions similar to those found on the SAT.


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Books for Overall Practice :

1)Barron’s New SAT :

The Most Effective book for the pros.A must buy for those who wanna achieve score of more than 1500.Practicing tougher questions will help in improving solving time and getting to know approaches to tougher questions.

2)The Official SAT Blue book :

This book is officially sold by The College Board (The organisers of The SAT) so it has the closest questions to the one’s on the actual SAT.However,We don’t recommend this book as it has really less questions and not much things to be learnt from.It has 4 practice tests that you can tear out from the book and solve.

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These books would be Sufficient for you to score good marks in the SAT.You could also get some practice tests online on Khan Academy which I found very useful when I was studying for The SAT.

According to us,these are the best books for SAT preparation which will help you improve your score and ace the test.

Also a quick video which I found useful :

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